Avvocato Alfredo Esposito a Napoli

Alfredo Esposito

English speaking italian lawyer in Napoli

Informazioni generali

Lawyer with 10+ years’ PQE in Intellectual Property and Copyright and 5+ years’ PQE in Crime Law with specialization in Cyber Crimes. I am able to assist my clients in any kind of legal matter, thanks to a large professional network that I built over the years in Napoli.


Industria dell'intrattenimento

As a highly experienced lawyer in the music and entertainment industry, I have been recognized as a speaker at numerous conferences on music and copyright. My extensive knowledge and expertise in these areas have made me a sought-after speaker at events around the world. Whether you are seeking legal advice or looking for an informed speaker on music and copyright issues, I am well-equipped to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Proprietà intellettuale

As an experienced entertainment copyright and internet copyright lawyer, I offer high-quality legal advice on a national and international level. My ten years of experience have equipped me with the knowledge and skills to help my clients succeed in the complex and constantly evolving field of copyright law. I have a sophisticated due diligence system to accurately assess the existence and level of protection of intellectual property, specifically in the areas of entertainment and internet copyright. Trust me to handle all of your copyright needs and achieve success.

Diritto penale

With over 5 years of experience in a criminal law firm specializing in public defense and 2+ years at a law firm specializing in organized crime and white collar crimes, I am highly skilled in handling a variety of criminal matters. My main areas of practice include cyber crimes, slander, sexual offenses, and defensive investigations. I have a track record of success representing clients in trials and have worked with customers all over the world to resolve their legal troubles in Italy.

Altre categorie:

Marchi, Contratti, Violenza, Stalking e molestie, Reati contro il patrimonio, Omicidio, Discriminazione, Sostanze stupefacenti, Diritto penitenziario, Arte e beni culturali, Diritto dell'informatica, Privacy e GDPR, Mediazione, Negoziazione assistita.


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Recensione positiva

A lawyer able to analyze, propose and apply an effective solution to my legal matter.

7/2021 - Huey f.

I urgently needed an english speaking lawyer in Napoli, so I contacted the attorney Alfredo Esposito from the law firm Difesa d'Autore. Mr. Esposito has been quickly able to analyze, propose and apply an effective solution to my legal matter.

Pubblicazione legale

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Focus sul fenomeno della riproduzione di brani musicali coperti da Copyright al fine di oscurare la messa in onda dei video in diretta

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Lo studio

Difesa D'autore
Via Tommaso Caravita 10
Napoli (NA)


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